The Stuff, It is Now Real





One small step for an Clinical Triathete…

Every journey begins with a single stroke, pedal, and step.  It’s then followed by those sufficient to finish 2.4 miles of swimming, 112 miles of biking, and 26.2 miles of running.

For those of you who have not known me long, or who will meet me along my journey to IMWI 2015 (IMMOO), a little background is in order.  I’ve been triathlon-ing for three years now, with my fourth culminating in the grandaddy of them all (for WI triathletes). I’ve also only been doing anything endurance-sport-related for about five, and that’s after losing over 100 pounds and really improving my heath for the better.  More on that front to follow in future posts.

On top of that, in what I like to call my other job, I’m an attorney and a law professor.  When those three powers combine, it may not result in Captain Planet, but it does result in me, a slightly-crazy triathlete starting a more than slightly-crazy journey.

I hope this blog serves its readers and I in a few ways.  First, for those of you interested in the journey or my version of it, I hope it gives a window into the wide world of sports that is triathlon training.  From training logs, long rides, and race reports, I hope to give an idea of what I and thousands of others are going through. Second, I hope it’s an outlet for me to track my progress, share my thoughts, and otherwise exert my pent-up frustrations, accomplishments, and everything in-between that triathlon generates, often in stream of consciousness form. Third, and perhaps most importantly, I hope to show that the journey is not all sweat, blood, and pain, but can be a lot of fun along the way, even if just as a result of my oddball sense of humor.

I head to IMWI from behind the finish line as a volunteer captain.  Next year, I approach from the front, and arrive as an Ironman.