Training Week: Week 17 (Build)

Back to building.  Another week of some tempo changes, heart-rate focus, and overall sticking to the plan.

Monday (Planned – Rest Day; Challenge – Squats, Bridges, Lunges, Pushups*)

Session One – Bodyweight Strength Training (30 Min)

Session Two – Rest

Challenge – Complete

American Cancer Society run meeting in the evening means lifting in the morning.

*I’ve given up putting in the exact number of the challenge for this period.  It’s a pain to have to type them up every week, so it’s gone.  More important to complete the challenge than focus on recording the challenge.

Tuesday (Planned – 50 Min Run; Challenge – Bridges, Squats, Lunges, Pushups)

Session One – Masters Swim (2400 Yrds, 41 Min)

Session Two – Run (7.3 Miles, 58 Min)

Challenge – Complete

My god, a nice, 32 degree day? In Wisconsin? Witchcraft I say!


Wednesday (Planned – 1:15 Bike; Challenge – Squats, Bridges, Lunges, Pushups)

Session One – Strength Training (45 Min)

Session Two – Bike (Indoor, 1:15)

Challenge – Complete

The strength training, both on Wednesday and through the challenge is starting to show dividends.  It’s amazing to see the different dimensions it improves, unlike the focus on lifting more weight that many have.  I’ve seen improvements in muscle endurance, power, and other important parts of the three triathlon legs.


Thursday (Planned – 1:00 Run; Challenge – Squats, Bridges, Lunges, Pushups)

Session One – Masters Swim (2000 Yrds, 38 Min)

Session Two – Run (7.43 Miles, 1:00)

Challenge – Complete

Pretty chilly this morning and afternoon, but swim and run we must

Friday (Planned – 1:00 Swim; Challenge – Squats, Bridges, Lunges, Pushups)

Session One – Rest

Session Two – Rest

Challenge – Complete

The good doctor came down with a pretty nasty bug, and I wasn’t feeling too hot either, so I figured it would be best to nip it right now and rest.  One missed workout now sounds better than getting sick and missing 2-3 down the road.

Saturday (Planned – 1 Hour Run; Challenge – Squats, Bridges, Lunges, Pushups)

Session One – Run (8.28 Miles, 1:02)

Session Two – Rest

Challenge – Complete

Really nice run today.  It felt light and effortless.  I can’t wait to be able to say that for 10-12 mile runs.

Sunday (Planned – 1 Hour Swim; Challenge – Crunches, Sit-Ups, Leg Lifts, Plank)

Session One – Swim (2150 Yrds, 36 Min)

Session Two – Rest

Challenge – Complete

Winter swimming is always the same.  Warm pool or not, it’s always like being hit with a defibrillator to bring you back to life, and not in a good way.


New challenge this week to focus on the core.  If I’m going to be in the aero position for 3-4 hours, if not more, have to work on the ol’ trunk. (Also gives me a reason to bring out this classic)



Swimming: 1:56
Biking: 1:16
Running: 3:01
Other: 1:15
Total: 7:27

Perhaps the biggest thing to come out of this week was the ability to not workout on Friday to recover and beat back the bug that was around me.  Listening to my body and doing what it needs will be important down the road when the miles jump up a quite a bit, so this was a good start on that skill.


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