Training Week: Week 14 (Build)

Now that I’ve finally signed up for the Ironman, it seems like a good time to start building. Here’s where the work gets long, and the investment for September starts to get real. It was a bit hit or miss this week due to late posting of the workouts, but still managed to get stuff in, so it was a good start, but left things to work on.

Monday (Planned – Rest Day; Challenge – 25 Squats, 10 Bridges, 15 Squats, 16 Pushups)

Session One – Snowshoe (2 Miles, 30 Min)

Session Two – Snowshoe (2 Miles, 30 Min)

Challenge – Complete

Following the crazy snow storm that pre-empted my swim and other plans on Sunday, I thought it would be interesting to snowshoe to work.  I further thought it would be interesting to take the direct route on the lake.  Can’t beat the view and traffic.


Tuesday (Planned – 1 Hour Run; Challenge – 10 Bridges, 30 Squats, 20 Lunges, 17 Pushups)

Session One – Masters Swim (2275 Yrds, 40 Min)

Session Two – Ride (Indoor, 1:15)

Challenge – Complete

Another snow, another painer ride

Wednesday (Planned – 50 Min Swim; Challenge – 35 Squats, 15 Bridges, 20 Lunges, 18 Pushups)

Session One – Strength Training (45 Min)

Session Two – Bike (Indoor, 1:00)

Challenge – Complete

I take everything I said about the light winter and lack of precipitation back, for I have angered Mother Nature, the vengeful bringer of fluffy white doom.


Thursday (Planned – 30 Min Run; Challenge – 35 Squats, 20 Bridges, 25 Lunges, 19 Pushups)

Session One – Masters Swim (2250 Yrds, 42 Min)

Session Two – Run (6.73 Miles, 48 Min)

Challenge – Complete

A little equation to shed light on my life.  (Work + Stress)^Stress = Adam runs, and runs fast

Friday (Planned – 50 Min Run; Challenge – 35 Squats, 20 Bridges, 25 Lunges, 20 Pushups)

Session One – Rest

Session Two – Run (5.21 Miles, 36 Min)

Challenge – Complete

First of four filings for February done.  Why, oh why, do I jam all of these major court cases into one month?  At least their in February, and not April, May, or beyond when training really gets fun.

Saturday (Planned – 1 Hour Run; Challenge – 35 Squats, 20 Bridges, 25 Lunges, No Pushups)

Session One – Run (8.39 Miles, 1:04)

Session Two – Snowshoe (30 Min)

Challenge – Complete

This run was really great.  It was pretty eye-opening to see how a reduced pace can make eight miles effort-less. We also threw in a little snowshoeing by the moon and candle light for light cross-training and fun.  Thank goodness somebody moved the technology beyond tennis rackets tied to your feet.

Sunday (Planned – 1 Hour Ride; Challenge – 40 Squats, 20 Bridges, 30 Lunges, 21 Push Ups, 5 Down Dog Push Ups)

Session One – Bike (16.9 Miles, 1 Hr)

Session Two – Bike (18.8 Miles, 1:03)

Challenge – Complete

Build week in the books capped off with a biking double-header.  Time to celebrate and live life like Left Shark.



Swimming: 1:22
Biking: 4:16
Running: 2:28
Other: 2:15
Total: 10:23

This was the first week of pushing the limits to try to see how far things can go.  It wasn’t a massive increase in any category, but overall it was as 10% increase in time, and similar increases in the various disciplines.  Next week, we rest.  Then, we’re back to building.


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