Training Week: Week 13 (Base)

The final week of the base period.  I’ve seemed to progress pretty well over the past few weeks, so it will be nice to test myself when it comes time to expand the time, distance, and frequency.

Monday (Planned – Rest Day; Challenge – 50 Jumping Jacks, 50 Burpees, 50 High Knees)

Session One – Rest

Session Two – Power Flow Yoga (1 Hr)

Challenge – Complete

Never again with the stupid burpees.


Tuesday (Planned – 1 Hour Run; Challenge – 50 Bridges, 50 Squats, 50 Lunges)

Session One – Masters Swim (2000 Yrds, 42 Min)

Session Two – Run (6.65 Miles, 47 Min)

Challenge – Complete

This was the first day of some rough traction all year, so though the time was a bit slower, it was actually a pretty good overall time.  Ice is only fast if your skating or falling.

Wednesday (Planned – 1:00 Bike; Challenge – Rest)

Session One – Strength Training (45 Min)

Session Two – Bike (Indoor, 1:00)

Challenge – Rest

The strength training streak is going strong (haha, pun).


Thursday (Planned – 1 Hr Run; Challenge – 60 Tricep Dips, 60 Jumping Jacks, 60 Mountain Climbers)

Session One – Masters Swim (2300 Yrds, 45 Min)

Session Two – Run (6.53 Miles, 46 Min)

Challenge – Complete

When work gets a bit hectic and brings you down, run.  Run for your life. Stressed speed work for the win.

Friday (Planned – 1 Hour Swim; Challenge – 60 High Knees, 60 Squats, 60 Lunges)

Session One – Rest

Session Two – Ride (Indoor, 1 Hr)

Challenge – Complete

And with that, another challenge is in the books.  Challenge or no challenge, no one want to see me in a little black dress, but the variation of the exercises was a good change from the plank repetition last month.  Now it’s on to the posterior and pectoral dual challenge extravaganza!

Saturday (Planned – 45 Min Run; Challenge – Rest)

Session One – Run (6.1 Miles, 49 Min)

Session Two – Rest

Challenge – Rest

Six miles? No sweat.

Sunday (Planned – 1 Hour Swim; Challenge – 20 Squats, 10 Bridges, 15 Lunges)

Session One – Bike (Indoor, 90 Min)

Session Two – Rest

Challenge – Complete

Couldn’t get out to swim today because of the crazy snow storm, so I did a bit of extended biking while watching the blizzard. I’ll need to get in some extra laps in the pool before the water opens.  Have to be able to outrun (outswim?) these guys.


Haha, I knew I’d find a way to get them in there.


Swimming: 1:28
Biking: 3:30
Running: 2:22
Other: 1:45
Total: 9:05

Another solid nine-hour effort in the base phase.  Next week, it’s time to build up that strength, speed, and endurance!


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