Training Week: Week 12 (Base)

Another week of normalcy and some solid training.  Pardon the pun, but I really made some strides in running, and my swimming has been great.  The plan that the EH team has us on seems to really be showing great results, with us growing into the big change out of the base period starting in February.

Monday (Planned – Rest Day; Challenge – 40 Bridges, 40 Squats, 40 Lunges)

Session One – Rest

Session Two – Power Flow Yoga (1 Hr)

Challenge – Complete

Back at the yoga habit.  My back seems to be calming down, for which I credit yoga as the solution.

Tuesday (Planned – 1 Hour Run; Challenge – Rest)

Session One – Masters Swim (2325 Yrds, 42 Min)

Session Two – Run (6.55 Miles, 45 Min)

Challenge – Rest

It was a pretty challenging like I was moving in place (see below), but the good ol’ Garmin told a different story, one of success and great joy.

Verity swimming1

Wednesday (Planned – 1:00 Bike; Challenge – 90 Sec Plank, 45 Tricep Dips, 40 Mountain Climbers)

Session One – Strength Training (45 Min)

Session Two – Bike (Indoor, 1:00)

Challenge – Complete

Thanks to the challenge last month, 90 seconds of plank was child’s play.


Thursday (Planned – 1 Hr Run; Challenge – 45 Jumping Jacks, 45 Burpees, 45 High Knees)

Session One – Masters Swim (2350 Yrds, 45 Min)

Session Two – Run (6.58 Miles, 44 Min)

Challenge – Complete

Finally broke the 44 minute barrier.  My speed work is getting better, but now the new hurdle of pacing and lengthening out the runs will come in February when we get out of the base period.

Friday (Planned – 1 Hour Swim; Challenge – 45 Bridges, 45 Squats, 45 Lunges)

Session One – Rest

Session Two – Ride (Indoor, 1 Hr)

Challenge – Complete

With work picking up a bit, it was good that Friday and the weekend look to be pretty standard.

Saturday (Planned – 45 Min Run; Challenge – Rest)

Session One – Run (6.1 Miles, 49 Min)

Session Two – Rest

Challenge – Rest

I’ve been really impressed by how much interval training has helped with my pacing.  Jumping back and forth between 5k/10k pace and recovery has helped with both overall fitness and the ability to control pace, which is a big issue for me to work on going forward.

Sunday (Planned – 1 Hour Bike; Challenge – 100 Sec Plank, 50 Tricep Dips, 50 Mountain Climbers)

Session One – Bike (Indoor, 57 Min)

Session Two – Bike 2.0 (Indoor, 59 Min)

Challenge – Complete

Seeing as we are getting into the big stretch of work, I figured it was time to start stretching it out a bit and see where my riding endurance stood.  Hills aside (damn you Julie Andrews), things went pretty well. Two hours in and still a spring in my step.

I may be a Brewers fan and hate the Cubs, but in honor of the great Ernie Banks, I said “let’s play two.”

Ernie Banks


Swimming: 1:27
Biking: 3:56
Running: 2:19
Other: 1:45
Total: 9:27

One more week to go, then we get down to business.  My runs and rides have felt great, and my swimming has been pretty stable.  Overall, I think I have a pretty solid base going into the first build phase and I’m feeling pretty pumped about getting to it.


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