Training Week: Week 11 (Base)

After the weeks of holidays and travel, it was back at it at work and training. Likely as a result, this was also the first week where the training felt “real” and “directly toward” something.  In the past, it had just been training for health and fun (yes I have fun running, swimming [who would have thought?], and biking).  However, with that purpose derived from the triathlon Pandora’s box came foreboding of impending growth and racing.  Yes, the big deal is still 8-9 months away, and the smaller big deal 6-7, but that’s still close in triathlon-time.  Time to really buckle down on the training, diet, and focus.



Monday (Planned – Rest Day; Challenge – Rest)

Session One – Rest

Session Two – Power Flow Yoga (1 Hr)

Challenge – Rest

More yoga fun.  My back has been barking at me slightly as of late, so some good torque will hopefully help things.


Tuesday (Planned – 1 Hour Run; Challenge – 70 Sec Plank, 30 Tricep Dips, 30 Mountain Climbers)

Session One – Masters Swim (1950 Yrds, 35 Min)

Session Two – Run (6.58 Miles, 47 Min)

Challenge – Complete

It was good to get back to the outside world after this years End of Days Cold Extravaganza.  Also, they’re probably helping me, but mountain climbers may be the strangest workout item ever.  All I can think of is the Price is Right.


Wednesday (Planned – 1:08 Bike; Challenge – 35 Jumping Jacks, 35 Burpees, 35 High Knees)

Session One – Strength Training (45 Min)

Session Two – Bike (Indoor, 1:08)

Challenge – Complete

Burpees will be the death of me (and with a name like that, bring decades of laughter on my tombstone; ‘He died doing what?’)

Thursday (Planned – 1 Hr Run; Challenge – 35 Bridges, 35 Squats, 35 Lunges)

Session One – Masters Swim (2075 Yrds, 1 Hr)

Session Two – Run (6.63 Miles, 46 Min)

Challenge – Complete

Two runs in a row? Outside?  What is this, Miami?



Friday (Planned – 1 Hour Swim; Challenge – Rest)

Session One – Ride (Indoor, 1 Hr)

Session Two – Power Flow Yoga (1 Hr)

Challenge – Rest

A yoga double-play to try to get my back in line and to stay active.

Saturday (Planned – 1 Hour Run; Challenge – 80 Sec Plank, 40 Tricep Dips, 40 Mountain Climbers)

Session One – Run (7.22 Miles, 56 Min)

Session Two – Trail Run (2.2 Miles, 20 Min)

Challenge – Complete (on Sunday)

We wanted to try to get out and snowshoe this afternoon, but thanks to the recent nice temps, we were out of luck.  This led to a nice trail run around Indian Lake.  However, we were both so drained after that and late yoga the night before, that the challenge had to wait until Sunday.

Sunday (Planned – 1 Hour Bike; Challenge – 30 Bridges, 30 Squats, 30 Lunges)

Session One – EH Swim (2500 Yrds, 39 Min)

Session Two – Rest

Challenge – Complete

Ugh. So, when do pitchers and catchers (or pitchers and Molinas) report?



Swimming: 1:57
Biking: 2:09
Running: 2:49
Other: 2:45
Total: 9:39

Starting to push things out now. And with extra time on Sundays, that’ll continue to happen (I repeat, ugh). Starting after next week, we the Long Course Team start to push things out and differ from the Short Course folks. Until then, focus on training and diet will carry me onward.


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